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Puppy Training Journey #3. Puppy Toilet Training.

When you have a puppy at the ideal age of 8 weeks, your primary mission when it comes to toilet training is to give your puppy every opportunity it can to toilet in a place that you want it to and for most people that will be in


10 Dog Training Myths Debunked

In my line of work, I hear all kinds of pieces of advice bandied around; some good, some bad, and some downright misleading! In this article, I’ll address ten common myths of dog training and life with dogs and debunk them.1.


Dogs and the Law in the UK

Living with dogs can bring a great deal of joy and satisfaction, yet at the same time, owners need to be well informed of the responsibilities in terms of the various dog laws within the UK and how it may have an impact at


The 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families and Children

The 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families and Children.Anyone who owns a dog will know that they are more than pets; they’re family. However, it is important to choose the right dog for you (perhaps you're choosing a puppy?)  to ensure


Diet, Food and Related Canine Behaviour

Feeding your dog a well-balanced diet is critical to positive long-term health, and indeed diet can affect behaviour. In some cases depending on the combination of the breed and the brand of food, I have seen fireworks as a


Rank Issues Within the Home and Your Dog

A family unit composed of dogs and humans requires a sense of order to keep everyone moving in the right direction in harmony with each other. When correct order is established, life will be a relaxed and enjoyable experience


Unruly Behaviour in the Home and Your Dog

A catch-all term if ever I've used one! Unruly behaviour however really can range from puppies acting like hooligans, treating the sofa like a trampoline, to your dog grabbing at your child's slippers or nightie as they enter the


Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is quite simply a collective term for a range of behaviours by a dog that does not cope well when left alone. Some dogs will immediately go into a state of panic as soon as the door is closed, whilst others may


Toilet Training Problems with Dogs

Inappropriate toileting within the home is sure to cause upset and annoyance, and this requires a careful approach to ensure that your own reaction does not worsen the problem. Some dogs are simply left too long to manage the