1. We see an increase in dog-to-dog aggression due to a relatively insular lifestyle. I believe that a lack of 'imprinting' (socialisation) at an early age is responsible in the main.

2. Separation anxiety. With less time for children due to work obligations for example, and more people channeling their emotional selves through their dogs, the dog often take the brunt of an 'overload' of emotion - leaving the dog less able to cope when left alone.

3. Many dogs seem lost and without a leader. Leadership is an essential component to a well-balanced life with our dogs. With a lack of leadership comes an increase in unwanted behaviour in and out of the home. We may then see issues occurring such as: none (or poor) recall, jumping up, aggression towards people and other dogs. The list goes on

Everything is connected. All aspects need to be addressed in a calm and balanced manner to break free from the above.

It's like building a house...we need to get the foundations in first, then think about the walls, roof and decorated in that order. Also, much like a house, the dog needs constant maintenance: an ongoing process of input and direction from birth to death.