A dog jumping up on people can not only be an embarrassment for the owner, it can also be a dangerous act depending on the size and behaviour of the dog, and the age and size of the person. This could (with a combination of elements) amount to placing somebody in fear, and this could then invoke the dangerous dogs act leaving you and your dog in a different arena altogether.

It's most common however for the owner to find that a dog has reached maturity and full size and is still jumping up on members of the family and visitors in the home. Not an aggressive act in the main, but a nuisance behaviour that many people eventually tire of.

Dogs' claws can be sharp too and I have seen a number of elderly people seriously marked and scratched up as a result of dogs jumping up at them. You do not need to live with such behaviour; I would encourage you to seek help to address this in a calm effective manner to find a way to show the dog that calmness gains what it wants; not leaping up at people.