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Nick Jones, MA. Dog Behaviour Media Services

Nick Jones, MA. Dog Behaviour Media Services

Nick Jones, MA |

Introduction to Dog Media Expert Nick Jones:

I am an experienced, qualified and independent dog behaviourist, specialising in all types of dog behaviour problems, acting as a dog expert witness and working within the media for all dog-related topics.

Over the past 16 years running my dog behaviour practice, my passion has continued to develop to help people create an understanding bond with their dog. I use a calm and positive approach with an emphasis on leadership and reward-based training techniques.

My qualifications include a Master’s degree in dog behaviour with Middlesex University, London. I am a full member of the CFBA, the UK’s leading dog behaviour association, and since the start of 2018, I am now “The Pet behaviourist” for the UK’s largest and most trusted pet insurance company, Petplan.

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed working closely with people, developing my communication and presentation skills. I am a confident, sincere and professional person, happy in front of a large audience across a range of media.

My media experience as a dog behaviour expert:

I have contributed to local and national press, enjoy a wide social media following, contributed to specialist magazines, national newspapers and participated on radio and television stations for a diverse range of dog-related subjects.

I am “The Pet Behaviourist” for Petplan, conducting regular Facebook live clinics with dog behaviour questions and answers. I have also had the pleasure of creating a number of dog behaviour and training videos in conjunction with Petplan, which will be released throughout 2018.

I have worked closely with Forthglade, a natural dogfood manufacturer based in Devon to make a video to educate owners how to keep their dogs happy and healthy. I have also supported Forthglade with radio interviews regarding how to feed your dog safely during the Christmas period.

The Royal Mail created a health and safety video featuring me as a dog behaviour expert to provide advice for their employees to help them with dogs in their work environment. I have also worked with Whittards of Chelsea to create a video of fun ways to train your dog in the time it takes to brew a cup of tea! This content can be found on my YouTube Channel.

Alongside my day-to-day behaviour practice, I deliver formal presentations to various organisations including veterinary practices, country shows and clients of the vet practices. I have delivered more informal talks to local school children to help them with dog and child safety concerns. I have also held numerous advice clinics in large pet stores across the West Midlands.

I have worked with the BBC, ITV, LBC London and Sky News on a number of occasions. I am also a member of the expert dog behaviour panel on Dog’s Monthly magazine and write for them on a monthly basis.

How to contact me:

If you are looking for a dog behaviour expert who can add value to a debate, answer questions in an educational and engaging manner, or front a campaign for an ethical dog product or training programme, please contact me here.

Please complete the form below to make an enquiry via email. Add me to your email address book to ensure my response is not marked as Spam. All emails are replied to within 24-48 hours. If I am away for a few days a message will advise you of this on my mobile phone.

Whilst I am happy to take your call, new enquiries made via this form is my preferred method of contact as this greatly helps me manage my workload. *All lines must be filled in to submit the form successfully.

I welcome contact from television, radio, magazines and newspapers which require information about dog behaviour and related issues. Talks training groups and seminars can also be provided by prior arrangement.

Examples of my dog behaviour media work:

Royal Mail

Fourth Glade - Dogs get sad too

More Examples furnished upon request.

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