• Nick Jones, Alpha Dog Behaviour Ltd, Dog Behaviourist, Dog Expert Witness

  • Nick Jones, Alpha Dog Behaviour Ltd, Dog Behaviourist, Dog Expert Witness

Puppy Behaviour and Puppy Visits

Puppy behaviour visits
So, you have a new puppy and you may be having issues such as:

• Toilet training problems.
• Puppy aggression.
• Nipping / biting.
• Night time barking.
• Separation anxiety.
• Feeding / diet concerns.
• Unsure how to socialise your pup.
• Wanting to start basic training.
• Integration with an existing dog or cat.
• Integration with babies or children.

A puppy visit is reserved for dogs up to the age of six months. Visits are ideal from pre-collection of your puppy through to the first few weeks of ownership. Puppy visits represent an excellent opportunity for us to spend a few hours together to look at areas that you feel you need guidance with in detail away from noisy training halls and the many distractions there.

Not all puppies are the same of course, and whilst one dog may be perfectly clean and dry in a matter of weeks, the other may still be very unsettled at night. A puppy visit allows me to be flexible and address only the areas you need help with. Older puppies can offer more developed behaviours such as aggressive puppy behaviour, jumping up, anxiety or late toilet training problems.

Puppy visits are the best time to set up basic dog training techniques. Simple exercises such as the sit, down, stay and basic recall can all be integrated in to the puppy’s daily routine rather than have extended training sessions where the pup could tire quickly and lose interest. Showing good manners on the lead is another key area that owners greatly benefit from before the dog becomes used to pulling.

Puppy training
Our time together is also a good opportunity to look to the future in terms of problem avoidance by being able to discuss and address areas of your dog's behaviour as it develops. Prevention is always better than cure.

Puppy visits are not timed, though last anywhere between three to four hours in duration. Very young pups can often be asleep at times during the visit, but this will be an ideal time to discuss things such as toileting routines, or thinking on diet, socialisation and so on. Invest in your dog’s future now and you won’t look back!

Here are a few comments further to my puppy visits:

"Hi Nick
Thank you for the Dog Behaviour session I had with you recently and would like you to know how much it has enhanced my relationship with my Jack Russell puppy. The session made me realise that although I have owned dogs for many years, it was my behaviour and my partners that needed addressing as much as the dog's.The change has been instant, and I have had so many friends and family tell me how much Jimmy has changed for the better as he was starting to get out of control. This really was the best Christmas present I have ever had and I would strongly recommend you to anyone who has a dog that is taking over.
Thank you again,

"Hi Nick,
Thanks so much for your advice yesterday and for confirming it all in writing. We have had a very enjoyable day with Charlie today. I put him in his crate this morning while I got the kids ready. He was happy to go and as a result we had a much more stress free morning. I took away the puppy pads and have taken him outside every hour using treats as a reward when he goes and so far no accidents for the first day yet !!!! He is already happy to sit and wait by the door. I'm absolutely over the moon at how well he's responded to your suggestions, and I feel much better being in control. So thanks once again."

"Just wanted to thank you for all your help with Molly. Since your first visit Molly is a much more settled puppy and more importantly we feel more in control. We found the immediate transformation in her quite remarkable. She is now much calmer in the house and no longer biting us which has enabled us to start some training with her. Through your guidance we are now able to walk her on a short lead in her obedience class and are no longer having to deal with her jumping up, biting and grabbing hold of the lead. (The class leader is also amazed with the difference in her). We would also like to thank you for encouraging us to crate train her as this has been invaluable. We would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone who has a problem with their dog, we found you to be very understanding and knowledgeable. It is a comfort knowing that we are able to contact you at any time for further advice should we need it. Many thanks the Roberts family."

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