This behaviour is less common than nervous aggressive dog behaviour. Dominance is often displayed by male dogs, and dominant type dogs will gladly walk over a soft owner who is failing to set up a training schedule (on-going training can help resolve a dominant or pushy dog).

Clear leadership and handling skills are required with this sort of dog, and should you see this behaviour in a large breed from Labrador to Rottweiler, you will need to stop and think carefully as to how you handle it, due the the physical aspect of managing a lager dog.

Whilst some dogs may be inclined towards dominance as a behaviour, it is usually reinforced over time by a lack of ground rules and clear guidance.

Owners who try to live with their dog within the principle of packs and trying to become 'Alpha' can encounter all sorts of problems as we are not living with wolves, but domesticated dogs. Our modern domesticated dog is in fact now far removed from its cousin the wolf. As with all of these things, I encourage a sense of balance in how we live with our canine companions so that there are reasonable rules and boundaries to be followed within a loving relationship.