• Nick Jones, Alpha Dog Behaviour Ltd, Dog Behaviourist, Dog Expert Witness

  • Nick Jones, Alpha Dog Behaviour Ltd, Dog Behaviourist, Dog Expert Witness

Dog Behaviour Consultations In and Out of The Home

Dog Behaviour. German Shepherd
In most instances this will be the service I offer to you in response to your dog’s behavioural problems. I address all behaviours that occur both in and out of the home, and I feel it is important that your dog is observed in its normal environment, not for example an office or church hall.

You can be assured of a calm professional approach, combined with extensive hands on experience. I will handle your dog where and when appropriate to move things forward, but in the main I am here to show
you how to work with your dog to resolve the concerns you have. I want the dog to work for you, not me.

Should you wonder, behaviour work with dogs is all I do. This is a full time job that occupies every space in my life, and my commitment to bringing dogs and owners closer together in a balanced way remains a subject close to my heart, even after a thousand plus cases. Creating a sense of calm and self-control in your dog is a desire we will both share, rest assured. Once you have a calmer dog, you can then look forward to a calmer you and a calmer family. Now wouldn’t that be nice?
Dog Behaviour. Border Collie

The vast majority of my work is carried out on two visits to your home and family. My visits are not timed, but average anywhere from two to four hours depending on the complexity of the behaviour presented. Visits result in a bespoke report outlining the work agreed and detailing the techniques and principles required for success. Telephone and email support is ongoing and free for the life of the dog.

You maybe able to claim back my fees through your pet insurance company.
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