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Nature Diet Dog Food
I am pleased to announce that I shall be working more closely with this UK company. I have been using Nature Diet in my behavioural work for some years, and so this is a natural relationship for me. Nature Diet is a complete moist food free from unnecessary additives that uses UK sourced ingredients.

The PETbc
In consultation with Britain's top full-time practitioners of dog behaviour and training have set out the definitions for roles in all the relevant disciplines in canine behaviour, training and puppy development. A total of over 200 years' combined practical experience has led to the production of this definitive work.

The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association
The CFBA carefully selects membership from the very best of Britain's Canine & Feline Behaviour practitioners. CFBA practitioners do not use, nor condone the use of drugs in any pet behaviour solutions. CFBA members are also accepted for carrying out behavioural work under pet insurance providing your plan covers it. I am a full member to this leading organisation.

The Guild of Dog Trainers
I'm proud to be a 'Master trainer' with this strong group. The Guild will offer guidance and support to those that have shown excellence in their standard of work and seek to encourage those wishing to start a fresh path in this field.

Cambridge Institute for Dog Behaviour and Training
With the CIDBT, courses have been written and managed by people who are experts, with unrivalled success in this field, who have worked with the public in frontline behaviour & training. These Middlesex University accredited courses represent the future for professional practitioners and the aim is to help students and current fellow professionals qualify in their chosen field.

Dogs Monthly
I have been writing for this excellent magazine since it was re launched over two years ago. See my monthly Q&A in the dog behaviour section whereby I answer reader’s latest questions.

Field & Rural Life Magazine.
Another very good publication that I feature in each month. Aimed at the country lifestyle, with great articles and video addressing all aspects of the lifestyle from guns to off road vehicles.

Campaign for Real pet food
Have you ever wondered what goes into your pet's food? Just what exactly is a 'meat and animal derivative' or an 'EC permitted additive' – and should you be feeding them to your cat or dog? And how can you make sense of all that confusing marketing and choose a food that you can really trust? This web site will open your eyes and raise your awareness.

Just for Pets
A forward thinking chain of pet stores, that are predominantly based in the Midlands, and set to spread further afield. Visit their site for plenty of interesting facts and information. I am becoming more closely involved with this store in 2009, and you can expect to see me at local branches offering free behaviour and training advice!

Vale Veterinary Group. - Kidderminster and surrounds.
With two branches, one in Kidderminster, and one in Stourport, the staff are well placed to offer a professional service for all your animal's medical needs. I have been attending Vale vets with my own dogs and cats for well over a decade, and have no hesitation is sending clients to this caring practice.

K9 Massage. Remedial & Holistic Bodywork for Dogs. - Worcs
Natalie Lenton offers canine massage. This is a powerful yet gentle remedial therapy for dogs with mobility and flexibility issues, dogs recovering from injuries, those living with long term conditions like arthritis and active dogs who participate in disciplines such as Agility, Flyball and Ringcraft.

SIT Dog Training.  - South York's
Sue is a Professional pet dog obedience trainer and behavioural consultant based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. You can be assured of a professional approach with gentle techniques to bring the best out of your dog.

Pawsobedience - Rex Makemson & Co. - King's Lynn
Based in King's Lynn and surrounding districts this dog training club namely 'PAWS' was set up to cover a need in this area for organised target oriented professional training. After seeing 'Bully' training in progress then it was decided that 'Kind Hand' training was the way to go, allow the animal and the owner to enjoy the work. The training is for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award scheme and is becoming very popular for Puppy's and older Dogs.

K9 Obedience
An informative and well-balanced Dog Training website, with information about Dog Breeds and a popular Dog Forum.

Paws For a Walk - National website.
The dog friendly website that aims to help you find everything you need for enjoying really great holidays and days out with your best friend. Here you'll find hundreds of dog friendly places to stay, including country house hotels, warm and welcoming pubs, cosy and comfortable bed and breakfasts, and superb self-catering cottages and farmhouses in all parts of the British Isles and abroad.

Pets Kitchen
Pets Kitchen is run by the well-known TV vet Joe Inglis. I fully endorse the ethos behind this brand of food and its approach to healthy additive-free feeding. Click on the link above to see for yourself.
  • Nick Jones, Alpha Dog Behaviour Ltd, Dog Behaviourist, Dog Expert Witness

  • Nick Jones, Alpha Dog Behaviour Ltd, Dog Behaviourist, Dog Expert Witness