Dogs and safety with Children

Child with a Boxer dog
Never has this subject been of greater concern than now given a number of tragic events here in the UK in the last few years. The vast majority of dogs are non aggressive towards children, but when this issue raises its head, it cannot be ignored.

You will only have one bad event which involves your dog and your child (or another persons child) before you are thrown into turmoil as to your next move.

On a preventative level it is best to address such issues when the dog is young or new to your home. Most children and families I see have a sensible approach towards permissible behaviours from the dog and child when the two are in each others company. Some dogs however can develop either nervous or excessive behaviours towards children with ages ranging from babies to teenagers.

Being a father myself, I can relate to concerns you may be experiencing of this nature, and will work closely with you to find a safe and workable solution in your home. Teaching dogs and children ways to relate to each other in a calm and predictable way is something I feel passionately about. I have given a number of school talks on child safety with dogs.

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  • Nick Jones, Alpha Dog Behaviour, Dog Expert witness

  • Nick Jones, Dog expert witness