Digging Problems with dogs

Digging dog. Nick MA. Dog Behaviourist
Destructive behaviour in the garden such as digging is an issue I'm often called upon to resolve, with some dogs having turned a once well manicured area into a dirt bowl. It needn't be that way! Resolving digging problems takes some lateral thinking and a dose of patience to arrive at a lasting solution.

Digging problems in dogs can arise from a lack of physical and mental stimulation. The dig has a few stages that starts with a sniff, then a more intense sniff, a little scratching and then into a full on dig.
Full supervision of your dog (especially in its first year) should prevent the opportunity to practice this behaviour in the garden or your valued borders.

Strange as it would seem, I don't hear of many people's dogs burying bones in the garden and digging in the process...perhaps the giving of bones is on the decrease?

Digging is a natural behaviour, and some breeds such as the terriers are far more likely to indulge in such a habit. Your dog may be digging to create a cool patch, so ensure that it is adequately catered for in warmer weather.

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  • Nick Jones, Alpha Dog Behaviour, Dog Expert witness

  • Nick Jones, Dog expert witness