Alpha Dog Behaviour Ltd. Audio/Video

Below I have compiled a small collection of clips from the past years with more on the way as they arise. They are here so that if you are considering me as a behaviourist / trainer for your dog, you will get a better sense of who I am. I feel it is always nice to know a little about who you are going to be working with prior to meeting them.

If you would like to enquire, please feel free to
contact me at any time.

BBC Hereford & Worcester Dogs in hot cars

BBC_Hereford & Worcester Interview after spate of dog attacks on children

BBC Hereford & Worcester Interview after Rottweiler kills child

BBC Hereford & Worcester Interview Pit Bull attack

BBC Hereford & Worcester Interview barking dogs

Dog Cast Radio interview New years resolutions

BBC Radio Sheffield President Obama's choice of dog

Dog Cast Radio Training interview
  • Nick Jones, Alpha Dog Behaviour, Dog Expert witness

  • Nick Jones, Dog expert witness