Diet, Food and Related Canine Behaviour

Feeding your dog a well balanced diet is critical to positive long term health, and indeed diet can affect behaviour. In some cases depending on the combination of the breed and the brand of food I have seen fireworks as a result of the 'wrong' combination. I always address diet as a part of a comprehensive behavioural assessment.

Opinion varies somewhat on what is the best feeding method for a dog, and you'll need to understand that no two dogs are alike when it comes to feeding. As a result you'll need to remain flexible when finding the right brand and feeding system for your dog.

The main options with feeding are: A good quality dried commercial feed, a home cooked recipe approach or a raw meat and bones approach. All of these have pros and cons depending on your dog's individual needs, along with your time and inclination. I would be pleased to help you work through this mine field.

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  • Nick Jones, Alpha Dog Behaviour, Dog Expert witness

  • Nick Jones, Dog expert witness